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WOW!! A Year Already!?!

We want to start this out by saying THANK YOU! To everyone of you that helped support us through 2021. We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

December 10th already! Wow! We haven’t even fully settled into Winter yet and we are preparing for 2022! We wanted to give you a quick 3 things we were able to accomplish because of your support!

  1. Our biggest project for 2021 was our greenhouse. This was a daunting task. It took every bit from all of us, including the help of close friends to complete! We were able to build from scratch a 20x48 greenhouse/high tunnel. This is going to serve multiple purposes for us at the end of 2021 and moving into 2022. Our first use is for all of our chickens and rabbits for winter housing. We filled the whole thing with 18 inches of wood chips and moved all our animals in. This gives our land a break from manure and keeps our animals warm, dry, and happy! Starting in spring, we can move the animals out and have an awesome growing space for vegetables!

  2. Next, we were able to grow our egg production! We started 2021 off with 100 laying hens. Due to demand, we have increased our flock by an additional 125 layers! This will double our production for 2022!

  3. Lastly, we were able to expand the number of pasture raised chicken and turkey for 2021 and will continue to do so into 2022!

Again, Thank you for your support and inviting us to your dinner table! We look forward to remaining your healthy, humane, and regenerative source of food.

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Mountain Spring Homestead.

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