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Welcome! We're Elizabeth and Lonnie, two passionate homesteaders embracing the beauty of a simple life. Nestled on 5 acres in the PNW, we've carved out our sanctuary, living harmoniously with nature while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology.

Our journey into homesteading wasn't just a choice; it was a calling—a desire to reconnect with the land and live authentically. Here, we've woven a life that revolves around simplicity, sustainability, and the rhythm of the seasons.

One of our joys is tending to our little farmstead, where clucks and quacks fill the air. Our days are woven with the care of our cherished companions—chickens, ducks, & goats. OH MY! They're not just livestock; they're part of our family, offering us not only sustenance but endless lessons in stewardship and interconnectedness.

Living close to the land has taught us invaluable lessons in self-sufficiency, patience, and gratitude. We believe in the magic of homegrown produce, the satisfaction of a well-tended garden, and the joy of harvesting our own food.

Through our experiences, we aim to share our knowledge and passion for a simpler, more intentional way of living. Whether it's tips on raising poultry, cultivating a thriving garden, or embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, we're here to share our insights and learnings with our community.

Join us on our journey as we navigate the beautiful tapestry of homesteading. Together, let's celebrate the art of living simply and the profound richness it brings to our lives.

Thank you for being a part of our story.


Warm regards, Elizabeth & Lonnie

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