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We were featured in the Foster Creek Conservation District Winter Newsletter!

Producer Spotlight: Lonnie Kirk & Mountain Spring Homestead

Lonnie Kirk of Mountain Spring Homestead in Northwestern Douglas County gave Becca Hebron and Rebecca Schexnayder a tour of his homestead business. He utilizes many regenerative agriculture techniques and practices to enhance the soil and pasture quality for grazing his chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and goats.

What was your inspiration for homesteading with a regenerative ag approach?

The work of Joel Salatin, Allen Savory, Gabe Brown, and Greg Judy led to the use of regenerative agriculture practices on our homestead. After some trial and error at the beginning, the switch to regenerative techniques created quick and noticeable improvements in the health of our animals, pasture, and soil.

What practices do you use in the regenerative management of your operation?

We use plant-based, grain-free feed for the animals and move them often to enhance cleanliness. We also compost all waste products and no longer use chemicals. We actively manage our pastures with rotational grazing. Transitioning to these practices resulted in a rapid improvement in pasture growth, better water retention, and healthier soil with more organic matter. By following practices that enhance the soil microbiota and working with nature, we’ve been able to create a more resilient environment at the homestead that supports high quality, pasture-raised products.

The Foster Creek Conservation District (FCCD) was created in 1942 and is located in North Central Washington in Douglas County. One of 45 Districts in the state, the FCCD is mandated under the Revised Code of Washington 89.08 to develop and administer voluntary, non-regulatory programs to conserve natural resources. Governed by a board of volunteer supervisors from the local community, the Foster Creek Conservation District identifies local conservation problems, guides voluntary local solutions, and sets policies where needed.

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