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We Started a VLOG!

We’ve decided the time is right and we are excited to announce that moving forward we will be posting short videos of fun and exciting things happening on the homestead!

Every day on the homestead is an adventure and learning opportunity for us and everyone interested in, or currently homesteading. It’s a great way for us to share our challenges/accomplishments and it’s a great way to educate and help with the GIANT learning curve of homesteading.

You can expect to see videos about our everyday “chores” on the homestead and how we go about tackling those. We will be introducing you to our growing laying flock that currently consists of over 225 chickens, and our rabbits that we use for meat! Our small herd of milk producing goats that we use for creating our goat milk soap! How we pasture raise meat Chickens and Turkeys on a mountain side with tons of predators! As well as a small glimpse of our daily life with our kids and how we manage to educate and raise them.

We hope that you will like and subscribe to us on YouTube and our social media pages and then sit back and allow us to take you on a journey through our experiences in the wonderful world of homesteading!

Check out our first video below & don't forget to like and subscribe!

Thank you!

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