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The Perfect Backyard Meat Source! (Rabbits)

Rabbits are the perfect backyard meat source. In one 4x8 Rabbit tractor, you could raise up to 100+ lbs. of meat a year and have all the fertilizer you need to put in your garden and fertilize your grass. Take a minute to wrap your head around that. Next to raising Cornish cross (Race-car Chickens) What could produce meat for your freezer any quicker? I would even say they are better than chickens for a residential backyard in the sense that they make basically zero noise. You could raise 100lbs of meat and your neighbors would never know!

New Zealand whites are probably the most popular rabbit among homesteaders. You get the most meat in the least amount of time. On our farm we raise a New Zealand white / REX cross. They reach optimal weight at 12 weeks and weigh out at around 2.5lbs. fully dressed. What could be better? Have questions about how to get started? Interested in breeding? Check out our other article about breeding rabbits, or you can always message us and ask us!

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