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Looking to the Future

A vision statement is the foundation that builds a business. It's the guide that helps make your business decisions and reinforce the image you want to present to your customers. With our continued growth we thought it was time to sit down and come up with our vision for our farm & family & share that with you, our family, friends, and customers.

Looking to the Future:

Although we are not the pioneers of regenerative agriculture, we hope to be an influence on its current and future role in farming. When we first started our farming adventure, we went through all the emotions just as anyone would. We had troubles, we had successes and we have been down right discouraged. We started out trying to fight nature and control all the outcomes. What we found, is that nature cannot be controlled to our liking, we must work with nature to help us accomplish our goals. Nature wants to be massaged and nurtured, not strong handed and forced. When forcing nature against its will, you end up with sick soil. This could mean dead microbiology & lack of water retention which leads to drought, or even changes in climate. With the inspiration of Joel Salatin, Allen Savory, Gabe Brown, Greg Judy, and Primal Pastures we started practicing regenerative agriculture. In 2019 we started composting everything, moving our animals daily, and switched our feed to something Non-GMO, Corn, Soy, and Drug free. We completely stopped feeding our herbivores grain and moved them to the pasture on a daily rotation. Not only did we improve the health of the animal, but also the soil. The grass came back thicker, greener, and faster! These changes are very noticeable in the taste of our pasture raised meats.

Vision for our farm:

We want to be the bedrock of microbiological creation and multiplication. We want to capture and store carbon for feeding plants and grasses which in turn feeds our animals. Sounds fancy, but basically we want to improve our soil enough to feed our animals the way they were meant to be fed. We want to be a prominent location for providing the best quality meat, food, and holistically created supplies in North Central Washington & we want to provide our community with the resources needed to provide their families with education on farming and food for their freezers.

Vision for our family:

We want to provide an environment of opportunity and growth for our children that they don’t have to leave home for. If they want to farm, we want to have a stable place for them to make mistakes and grow with us by their sides. If they don’t wish to farm we want them to have an emotionally and financially stable place to pursue the desires of their choice.

We are Mountain Spring Homestead. A local pastured based, family owned and community serving farm located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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