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Heatwave alert! pnw.

Hot weather alert for all of you homesteader/farmers out there! Here are a few things we do to cool our animals during this heat wave.

Rabbits - We use a lot of ice and give each of our breeding rabbits plenty of it. We put Ice in their water, ice in their cages and make sure they always have cold water running through the lines. We also run a sprinkler on a very low setting on the roof of their house to help cool the metal. (This method helps cool the house by 15-20 degrees. We also add in a couple of rotating fans.

Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks - We add fresh water to our waterers and then top them off with ice every couple of hours. Plenty of shade and plenty of tall bushes/grass to hide in.

Goats - Ice cold water and plenty of shade.

Livestock Guardian dogs - Ice water and lots of shade. Limit visiting hours to make sure they stay calm.

Meat Chickens - Probably the most susceptible to heat. Every hour we go up to their tractors and water their feet, top off their water with cold water and wet the roofs of their tractors. These guys are fast growing and don't like to get up and move a lot. By spraying their feet we are forcing them to get up and drink water.

Stay cool!

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