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Get your Pastured Chicken while you can!

From the day they arrive as Chicks on our farm, our chickens are raised ethically and we truly let them live their best lives, with only one bad day, and that is processing day. They arrive, get put in our brooder for the first 4 weeks of their life. They get food, fresh water, grit, room to spread their wings and warmth. At 4 weeks we move them out to pasture in our Polyface style Chicken tractors. They get moved every single day to a fresh 10x12 piece of pasture, where they can peck, scratch, flap their wings and soak up the sunshine! This tractor provides protection from predators and weather. Moving them everyday keeps them off their manure and provides a controlled amount of manure on the soil, that way the soil doesn't get overloaded with nitrogen. This is also the reason we don't have to feed them (drugs) antibiotics.

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